Woods, Amos

Amos Woods, Chippewa. Minnesota. Citizen. Drafted.


Soon as we were in danger zone section where they were fighting lines, our Co was very tired altho we was handling shells at the beginning and we could hear the sound of the big guns, and shell whistling and bursting all around us. I was just thinking where I was, and ever where I look, I saw dying comrades.

On Oct. 29 early one morning before the barrage started our Co. was order back of the lines, to lug shells, once more. And after the seventy two hours has stop, we could just hear the machine guns rattling, This was an awful sight some time when you come to think.

We was caught by barrage while we were hiking along toward the enemy, two of my comrade was gas by a mustard gas they call it. burn through clothes. One of the prettiest sight I ever saw was airplane battle. Two German planes we brought down in few minutes and attack an German Observation Balloon in Verdun lot of thing I like to write or tell about this to my friend, and just think they don’t believe anything some don’t.