Alphonse Bearghost and Amado Garcia were cited for bravery because of their valiant actions and devotion to duty. They exemplify many other soldiers who were recognized for these qualities. Both men wrote of their actions and experiences during the war. They did not boast or brag, they forthrightly answered the questions on the form. The valorous deeds of these men impeded German success and helped to end the war.  

Alphonse Bearghost was Sioux, from Cannon Ball, North Dakota. He enlisted on August 2, 1917 in Bismarck, North Dakota and served in Company M, 26th U.S. Infantry, First Division, attaining the rank of corporal.

Amado Garcia was Acoma Pueblo, from Acomita, New Mexico. He enlisted on June 3, 1918 in Lamar, Colorado and also served U.S. Infantry in the 110th Regiment, 40th Division before transferring to the 28th Division.  He attained the rank of Private 1st Class.