Two Horses, Edward

Edward Two Horses, Sioux. Cannon Ball, North Dakota.


I Private Edward Two Horses. I was with the A.E.F. 90th Division, landed in France July, 7, 1918. We were in the front line trenches in August this line called Toul Sector. Then we stayed there until the big drive begin on Sept. 12-18. we went over the top in early in morning before the sun rise up. I was a battalion runner. I went through the machine gun bullet whizzle & shell burstered and German air plane dropping bombs at us but I never get a scratch to get by with it. the next morning I was lost in the wood I don’t know where I was at. I thought myself I was in German ground or no man’s land but after finally I know where I was. After week later I was gassed because my mask is torn by surprise big shell explosion.