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Ojibwe Public Art, Ostrom Private Lives

Ojibwe Public Art, Ostrom Private Lives explores both the richness of Ojibwe arts and culture and the extraordinary lives of two IU faculty members whose collection is central to the exhibition. These two stories intersect on Manitoulin Island, Canada, the year round home of a vital Ojibwe community and former summer home for donors Vincent and Elinor Ostrom.


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In Their Own Words: Native Americans in World War I

We invite you to read stories and commentary written by North American Indians who served in the military during the First World War, and look at photos of these and other soldiers who returned to the US after the war.

These words and pictures are part of the Wanamaker Collection, a unique collection of images and documents dating from the early 20th century.

After a very brief summary of United States involvement in the war, we will explore how the documents and photographs in the Wanamaker Collection provide perspectives on Native American participation.

Peters, Ewing

W6345. “Peters, Ewing at attention with bayonet.” April 2, 1919, Camp Merritt, NJ. Joseph K. Dixon, photographer.



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