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IU Forum on Digital Libraries

9:00am to 4:00pm
April 16, 2002
State Room East/West, Indiana Memorial Union
Indiana University

Digital libraries have become a part of the intellectual landscape of higher education. Here at Indiana University, a number of projects, programs, and research activities are identified as "digital library" initiatives or have many of the characteristics of a digital library.

Faculty and staff who are working on digital library projects can use this forum to share experiences, report on progress toward goals, learn from one another, increase awareness, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Forum Program

IMU State Room East
IMU State Room East
Michael A. McRobbie
VP for Information Technology and CIO

Keynote: NSF's Digital Libraries Initiatives
Stephen Griffin, National Science Foundation

IMU State Room East
IU Digital Library Program Overview
Kris Brancolini, IU Digital Library Program

IUPUI Digital Library Team Overview
Robin Crumrin, IUPUI Library: Digital Library Team

IMU State Room West
Demonstrations of IU Digital Libraries Projects
Refreshment Break
IMU State Room East
CLIOH: Cultural Digital Library Indexing Our Heritage
Mathew Palakal, Computer Science
Susan Tennant, Informatics

Digital Library of the Commons
Charlotte Hess, Workshop in Political Theory & Policy Analysis

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative: North American Religion Atlas
Karen Frederickson, POLIS Center

Cheminfo and Groth: The Web and Chemistry
Gary Wiggins, Chemistry Library

ReciprocalNet: A Distributed Collection of Molecular Structure Data
John Huffman, Chemistry

12:00n-1:00pm Lunch on your own
IMU State Room East
SIFTER: Search and Personalization Services for Digital Libraries
Javed Mostafa, SLIS and Informatics

Architectural Support for Database Visualization
Dennis Groth, Computer Science

Visual Interfaces to Digital Libraries
Katy Borner, School of Library and Information Science

Indiana Text Laboratory (ITL): An Automated Approach to Text Analysis
Douglas Parks, Walter Hooper, American Indian Studies Research Institute

Wright American Fiction Project
Perry Willett, IU Digital Library Program

IMU State Room East
Demonstrations of IU Digital Libraries Projects
Refreshment Break
IMU State Room East
Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum
Thomas J. Mathiesen, IU School of Music

Online Music Recognition and Searching
Donald Byrd, UITS/Music: Digital Music Library Project

IU Digital Music Library Project
Jon Dunn, IU Digital Library Program

IMU State Room East
Information Technology to Support Digital Libraries: Massive Data Storage, High-Performance Networks, Visualization
Gerry Bernbom, Kris Brancolini, Mathew Palakal, Eric Wernert
IMU State Room West
Demonstrations of IU Digital Libraries Projects

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Include Your Project in the DL Directory

As part of this Forum, the organizing committee is seeking to develop a Directory of IU Digital Library Initiatives, which will be distributed to Forum participants and made available on the web. If you are working on a digital library project, program, or research activity that you would like to have listed in this Directory, please submit this information form.

Forum Organizing Committee

  • Gerry Bernbom, UITS, Research and Academic Computing
  • Kris Brancolini, Director, IU Digital Library Program
  • Diane Jung, UITS, Communications and Planning Office
  • Javed Mostafa, Associate Professor of Information Science (SLIS), Informatics
  • Mathew Palakal, Professor of Computer and Information Science, Informatics
  • Eric Wernert, UITS, Advanced Visualization Laboratory

Forum Sponsors

The Digital Libraries Forum is sponsored by the IU Digital Library Program, a collaboration of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, the IU Libraries, the School of Library and Information Science, and the School of Informatics (IUB, IUPUI).

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