VARIATIONS Prototype: Online Musical Scores

The following selections lead to experimental prototypes of the ways in which musical scores and recording liner notes might be used in conjunction with sound recordings available online through VARIATIONS. We encourage interested users to send comments on usability to to help us in our ongoing development of the project.

Due to the early developmental status of this phase of VARIATIONS, we will not be able to guarantee continued availability of this resource or any of its components. We value comments for their help in future development, but will not necessarily be able to make changes to the prototype interfaces at this time.

Online scores: Opera Literature

Online scores: Song Literature

Online scores: Orchestral and Choral Literature

Online scores: Chamber Music Literature

Online scores: Piano Literature

Online scores: Solo Instrumental Literature

Online scores and sound recordings

Prototype M525 reserve list with sound recordings, liner notes, and scores.

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Last updated: 26 September 2005
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