Main points of Variations2 Experimental Search observations and interviews and links to details in report: Similar to the findings in the Variations logs analysis, Basic Search was overwhelming used the most between Basic, Advanced, and Keyword search options.  Creator, Work Title, and Performer were used most often in Basic and Advanced searches, again similar to what was discovered in the logs analysis of Variations search.  4 of the 8 participants misspelled search terms entered in these search fields.  The current Variations search has many accessibility issues, including unlabelled form fields, the inability to move easily through search results, and inaccessible error messages when searches return 0 results.  The UITS Adaptive Technology Center can provide more detailed recommendations for creating an accessible online search for Variations and should be consulted throughout development.  Participants reported common likes and dislikes, common top features they would like to see in a new Variations online search, and were observed experiencing common failures and successes while conducting searches.  The 3 recommendations from the logs analysis remain top recommendations from the findings of the observations and interviews, along with additional recommendations for providing the best user experience when searching Variations for online digitized musical recordings and scores. Number of Searches for Observations of 8 Participants (95 Total) Number of Searches per Search Field/Filter for Basic and Advanced Search Accessibility Findings Qualitative Findings Observations/Interviews Recommendations View Overall Searches in Logs Analysis Report View Number of Searches per Search Field/Filter for Basic and Advanced Searches in the Logs Analysis Report View Logs Analysis Executive Summary