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Variations/FRBR: Spring 2010 Recording FRBRization specifications

ZIP file of full specifications set

A. Create Group 2 entities


B. Create Group 1 entities and their structure relationships


Expressions (Expression Mapping Flowchart)
For each identified work:

  • Find all already existing expressions (query the Variations database for existing realizedThrough relationships) (Expression Query Instructions)
  • Compare the bib record with each retrieved expression to identify duplicates (Comparing Expressions Algorithm)
  • If there is a duplicate, do not create a new expression record
  • If not, create a new expression record and create a structure relationship (realizedThrough) between the work and the expression (Expression Mapping Table)


  • Create the manifestation record and create structure relationships (embodiedIn) between each expression (newly created or not) and the manifestation (Manifestation Mapping Table)


  • Create the item record and create a structure relationship (exemplifiedBy) between the manifestation and the item (Item Mapping Table)

C. Create responsible relationships between Group 2 entities and:




D. Help materials