Indiana University

Project Staff

The Variations/FRBR project team at Indiana University is comprised of staff from a number of departments.

  • Jenn Riley, Metadata Librarian, Digital Library Program (Principal Investigator)
  • Jon Dunn, Associate Director for Technology, Digital Library Program
  • Mark Notess, Development Manager, Digital Library Program
  • Paul McElwain, Programmer/Analyst, Variations/FRBR Project
  • Alex Berry, Programmer/Analyst, Variations/FRBR Project
  • Chris Colvard, Programmer/Analyst, Variations/FRBR Project
  • Phil Ponella, Director, Cook Music Library
  • Michelle Dalmau, Digital Projects and Usability Librarian, Digital Library Program
  • Julie Hardesty, Usability and Interface Specialist, Digital Library Program
  • Brian Wheeler, System Administrator, Digital Library Program
  • Ralph Papakhian, Head, Technical Services, Cook Music Library
  • Keith Cochran, Associate Director/Music Collection Development Librarian, Cook Music Library
  • Sue Stancu, Sound Recording Cataloger, Cook Music Library
  • David Lasocki, Head, Reference Services, Cook Music Library
  • Spencer Anspach, Library Systems Analyst/Programmer, Technical Services
  • Madelyn Washington, Student Metadata Specialist
  • Steve Harris, Usability Graduate Student
  • Anna Coogan, Usability Graduate Student
  • Mohammad Chuttur, Student Metadata Specialist
  • Saeed Moaddeli, Student Programmer
  • Ilias Kyriazis, Student Metadata Specialist