The cataloging portion of the Variations Metadata site provides basic introductory information on the Variations cataloging process. These pages do not cover all situations catalogers may encounter. It is therefore suggested that for discussion purposes and future reference, catalogers should consider asking questions and offering suggestions on the Variations-discuss listserv linked on the Communication page.

Background Knowledge

Cataloging in the Variations system assumes a basic understanding of MARC format and AACR2 rules associated with traditional music cataloging. This assumption is reflected in the cataloging documents listed here, which rarely describe MARC and AACR2 practices. Whereas an explanation of traditional music cataloging practices is out of the scope of this site, a section of the Music Resources page devoted to cataloging resources may provide some assistance.

Due to the variety of record types and fields, cataloging in the Variations system may seem a bit overwhelming at first. In order to gain a basic familiarity with the Variations system, it is highly recommended that new catalogers read through the other sections of this site, perform a few searches, and open a few records to get an idea of the manner in which information is organized before cataloging anything.