Diacritics may be added in one of two ways:
  1. Select from the Variations diacritics dialog box, which contains the most frequently used special characters and letters with diacritics.
  2. Add additional characters to cataloger and digitizer fields by using the Windows Character Map. To access:
    • Click Start in the lower left of your desktop
    • Select Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Character Map
    • Copy and paste the desired special characters/diacritics

Variations Diacritics Tool

Diacritics tool
characters are arranged in alphabetical order, with each group of letters set apart by different colors. Selected characters are framed in red and have a white background.
Accessing the Tool
To access the tool:
The diacritics tool is accessible in the following fields:
Cataloger Interface
Digitizer Interface
Entering Diacritics
Once the tool has been opened, diacritics may be added in several ways:
Note: When the Diacritics Tool box is open, the system will not allow changes to be made to any Variations window.