Sound Directions: Digital Audio Preservation and Access for Global Audio Heritage


The Field Audio Collection Evaluation Tool (FACET) is a point-based, open-source software tool that ranks audio field collections based on preservation condition, including the level of deterioration they exhibit and the degree of risk they carry. It assesses the characteristics, preservation problems, and modes of deterioration associated with the following formats: open reel tape (polyester, acetate, paper and PVC bases), analog audio cassettes, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), lacquer discs, aluminum discs, and wire recordings. This tool helps collection managers construct a prioritized list of audio collections by condition and risk, enabling informed selection for preservation. Using FACET provides strong justification for preservation dollars.

The FACET package consists of the following:

  • FACET software
  • FACET Procedures Manual. This is a guide to using the FACET software and an exploration of the selection for preservation process
  • FACET formats document entitled Format Characteristics and Preservation Problems with 92 pages and 47 photographs detailing characteristics of, and preservation problems with, the various audio formats treated by FACET
  • Sample FACET worksheets. Paper worksheets for gathering data before using the software. These are particularly useful when examining collections in their storage location

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