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Camp Merritt, N.J. P.O. address: Weitchpec, Humboldt Co., California. Organization: Headquarters Co., 363rd Infantry, 90th Division. 24 years old. Tribe: Klamath. Drafted Oct. 1917. Not a citizen.

P.O. : Lame Deer, Montana
Org: Battery B, 122nd F.A., 33rd Div.
Volunteered 6/22/1917
Not a citizen
19 yrs. old

Note on photo: “Your loving son Carl.”
Sgt. Carlyle T. Pinn, Co. A, 101st Eng., 26th D. Division.

P.O.: Arlee, Montana
Org: Co. I, 26th Inf., 1st Div.
Not a citizen
Service at Soissons, Argonne, Sedan. Citation same as Bear Ghost, Alphonse,
24 yrs. old

Camp Mills, Long Island. Tribe of both- Pawnee. Organization: 165th., 42nd Divsion, Stokes Mortar Platoon, H.Q. Co.

P.O.: Clinton, OK
Org: Co. L, 3rd Battn., 358th Inf., 90th Div.
OK citizen
25 yrs. old

Camp Merritt, N.J. Tribe- Cheyenne River Sioux. P.O. address: Cheyenne River Reservation S. Dak. Not a citizen: drafted. Organization: Co. D, 363rd Infantry, 91st Division. 27 years old.

P.O. Address: Allen, S. Dakota
Organization: Co. B, 160th Inf., 40th Div
Wounded in Argonne Battle, bullet in shoulder
Not a citizen
Age: 27

Address received 12/29/1919:
W.S. Gen Hosp. #28, Fort Sheridan, Ill. Ward 35.

P.O. address: Amomita, New Mexico
Organization: Co. K, 110th Inf., 28th Div.
Not a citizen
Age: 18 years old

P.O.: Canon Ball, SD
Org: Co. M, 26th Inf., 1st Div. One of “Pershings Own”
Not a citizen
Wounded, left arm, at Argonne Forrest Service - Montididier - St. Mihiel - cited for bravery - wears silver star for citation - Argonne…

P.O. Address:
Sissiton Agency, South Dakota
34th Mach. Gun Battn., 32nd Div.
Wounded Verdun. Bone shot out back of right eye.
Age: 22 yrs. Not a citizen.

4th Row, left to right:
Pvt. Edw. Commano (Chippewa) age: 23, Organization: Hdqrs. Co, 90th Div., P.O.: Deer River, Minn.
Sergt, Aaron Hancock (Choctaw) age: 24, Organization: Hdq. Co., 90th Div., P.O.: 10 So. A. McAlester, OK
Pvt. Billy Sam, 28…

Dr. Dixon standing beside Government car #213-631, over which he traversed the entire French Front.