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The Art of Navajo and Zuni Jewelry

The Hanawalt collection is comprised of 89 pieces of jewelry from Native American Pueblo Peoples a part of the Zuni or Navajo tribes. The people of Zuni and Navajo are located in the Southwest of the United States, with many of the identified craftspeople living in New Mexico and Arizona. This collection was received in 2019 by Barbara Hanawalt. A majority of these pieces are from the mid-20th century, specifically the 1950s through the 1970s. This exhibit will focus on 32 pieces from this collection, ranging from belts, to watches, to wrist guards, to necklaces, to bolo ties, to pins, and to rings. This exhibit helps us identify common techniques used in crafting, both in Navajo and Zuni cultures. As well as the types of jewelry that are made, what stones are used, how to tell the difference between Navajo and Zuni work, and some identified Native craftspeople.


Created by: Amber Reider