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Viewing Tips

Viewing Nuer characters properly on this web site requires:

  1. A web browser set to display UTF-8 character encoding
  2. A font capable of displaying the Unicode characters used on this web site

Setting Character Encoding

Only recently have web browsers begun to support UTF-8 character encoding. Examples of web browsers that will properly display characters on this site include:

Internet Explorer
PC 5.0 5.5 6.0
MAC 5.2
PC 6.2 7.x
MAC 6.2 7.x

If you are using a web browser that supports UTF-8 encoding, you should ensure that it is set to use this encoding to view the Nuer site. To do this, click on the following:

Selecting a Unicode Font

For Windows users, the Microsoft font Arial Unicode MS is the most complete font for displaying Unicode characters. This font is provided with Microsoft Office. Microsoft has a Support Page providing instructions for installing this font. Once Arial Unicode MS is installed, you may need select it as the web page font in your web browser if characters are still not appearing properly. In Internet Explorer, this is done by clicking Tools -> Internet Options -> Fonts, and choosing Arial Unicode MS off of the list under Web Page Fonts.

For Macintosh users, the Apple Support Site can be searched for Language Kits appropriate to your version of the Mac OS.

More information on configuring your web browser to display Unicode is available from the Unicode Consortium's Display Problems page.

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