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Review for Lessons 22 -- 26

  1. Write a sentence for each negative of the 3 aspects and the imperative with and without objects.
  2. What is the potential usage of the clausal particle [i̲]?
  3. Write the meanings:
    1. Bɛ jɔɔc.
    2. Cɛ thïl.
    3. Ni̲ ɛn tä̲ä̲mɛ pa̲ny.
    4. I̲ /cɛ bi̲ bɛ̲n.
    5. Tɛ̲ni̲ thï̲n!
    6. Thïlɛ ŋu̲.
    7. Jiökni̲ jɛ i̲ /cu̲ bä̲!
    8. Kui̲c kɛn ɛ.
    9. Thïlɛ mi̲ lɛlɛ.
    10. Ɛ jɛn i̲ ŋɛc jicdɛ.
  4. Write in Nuer:
    1. You say it doesn't matter?
    2. He says to come and help him right away at his house.
    3. That man says he doesn't have it.
    4. I think he has them.
    5. Didn't you tell him I wouldn't be there?
    6. Won't they know we aren't coming tomorrow?
    7. I understand you don't have any money.
    8. Will you come, presumably?
    9. We didn't come because we thought you had no room for us.
    10. We could see you were busy and we went back.
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