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Nouns Verbs Verb Book Expressions Pedagogical Grammar of Nuer Translation of Genesis in Nuer Others

Review for Lessons 1 -- 3

  1. Translate:
    1. Kɔ̲cɛ
    2. Kui̲yɛ
    3. maalä̲
    4. thia̲kɛ
    5. Jï̲̩n, cɔali̲ i̲ di̲
    6. gɔaaɛ
    7. guadi̲n
    8. jï̲̩n a thï̲̩n
    9. ci̲wɛ
    10. madi̲n
  2. Translate:
    1. Is it sufficient peace?
    2. It is bad.
    3. I am present.
    4. It is difficult.
    5. They are good.
    6. Yes, it is I (name).
    7. It is hot.
    8. Yes, it is very good.
    9. It is big.
    10. It is hot.
  3. List the three singular personal pronouns -- I, you, he.
  4. Write three possible variations of the Nuer greeting. (question and answer.)
  5. How do you answer "Jï̲̩n, cɔali̲ i̲ di̲?"
  6. If you are entertaining guest (plural)
    1. What will you say when they get ready to leave?
    2. What will be their reply?
  7. Conjugate "to be at peace" in the 1st Aspect singular.
  8. Identify th following verb forms (aspect, person, number)
    1. gɔaai̲
    2. jiä̲ä̲kɛ
    3. bä̲rɛ
    4. gɔwkɛ
    5. maalä̲
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