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Lesson 5

Lesson 5 is a continuation of lesson 4.


Verb [a]
The verb [a] is a constant form which never changes in any way. It is as important a word as [ɛ-kɛ]. Its meaning is one of temporary existence in the 1st Aspect, i.e. there someone or something is at the moment or in some undefined period of time. It follows the order of verbs in word order and it takes either singular or plural subjects. It occurs in all three aspects but its form never changes.

It influences noun and pronouns as follows. [a] always takes a noun or personal pronoun in the locative case. e.g.

Pronouns: The objective form of the 2nd person singular personal pronoun is [ji̲]. In this lesson it is the object of the verb [göörä̲].

The following sentences illustrate how [a] takes the locative case in nouns, verbal noun and personal pronouns. Just learn these sentences as they are and the grammatical explanations will follow later.

If you do not know where someone is, say [Kua̲cä̲ gua̲a̲dɛ]. (I don't know his place. i.e. I don't know where he is, she is, or it is) By all means when somebody asks you a question such as are in this lesson answer him. The crucial part of language learning is speaking it!

The following sentences use both verbs [a] and [ɛ-kɛ]. The subject of [ɛ-kɛ] is understood.

Word Order Chart
of [a], [ɛ] and conjugated verbs.

Ɣä̲n göör- ä̲ ji̲      
Jï̲n go̲o̲r- ŋu?      
Ɣä̲n maal- ä̲        
Ɣä̲n a         thi̲n
Jɛn a         luaak
Nɛmɛ ɛ     yaŋ    
Nɛmɛ ɛ     jɛn  
Nɛmɛ ɛ     jɛn yaŋ  
understood ɛ     ji̲n ŋa?  
understood ɛ     ɤä̲n raan  
  Mal puɔ̲nydä̲ (see Lesson 9)        
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