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Extra Lesson 2

This lesson explains another of the adjectival relative clauses -- the noun-used-as-verbs clause.

Mëë cähŋëë ɤähn cäh wäh käh määhdäh mih cɔal ih Rɛɛt
Some days ago I went to my friend who is-called Reet

Käh cih maahdä ɤäh lahr nɛy diaal tih laa tɛh kɛ duɛhl wal.
and my friend told me all the people who always are at the clinic.

Cih ɤähn ɛ thiehc kɛ kuihc nɛɛnih diaal tih cih ɤähn kɛ wäh jɛhk thihn.
I asked him about all the people who I then went found there.

Cih ɤähn ɛ thiehc ihnɛ
I asked him like this:


True to Nuer form, the noun can be utilized in the verb position in this relative construction. The result is a more emphatic, more definite, more exact expression to modify a noun. It occurs primarily in the 1st aspect. There is no change in the noun form.

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