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Exercises for Lesson 8

  1. Learn the next 5 sentences in pre-lesson 1.
  2. Translate in writing:
    1. That person is my uncle.
    2. This child is my daughter.
    3. This is big.
    4. My son is good.
    5. This my son is dying.
    6. That man is sleeping.
    7. Are you present in this house?
    8. This water is good.
    9. That far away man is coming now.
    10. That is small. It is no good.
  3. Translate:
    1. Go̲o̲ri̲ nɛmɛ? Ɣɔ̲ɔ̲, nhɔakä̲ jɛ ɛlɔ̲ŋ. Kä̲ni̲ jɛ.
    2. Wu̲t ɛmɔ di̲tɛ. Ɛ jɛn ŋa? Ɣä̲n kua̲cä̲ jɛ. Ɛ dä̲maar.
    3. Ti̲ti̲ gɔwkɛ ɛlɔ̲ŋ. Nhɔki̲ cak ti̲ti̲? Kɛ kɛn cak yaaŋ ɛmɔ.
  4. Write only the answers which are written below to the following questions.
    1. Where's mine? Here it is.
    2. Did you see the cow? Yes, there it is over there!
    3. Did you see it yet? Yes, there it is there!
    4. I can't see them. They're way over there.
    5. Did he come yet? Yes, here he is.
  5. Experiment with writing 10 simple sentences in Nuer using various types of verbs.
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