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Exercises For Lesson 37

  1. Listen for the negative passives in conversations. Note them down.
  2. Take the verbs [cam, naŋ, thu̲̩k, la̲t and yɔ̲t] and put them into the passive voice, all 3 aspects negative and positive within a common sentence pattern.
  3. Write these sentences:
    1. If you were in a ticklish situation involving the one you were speaking to, how would you ask him when something was going to get done, the thing being his responsibility?
    2. How would you tactfully say "don't put that thing here."
    3. If someone asked you when the school would open and it was scheduled to open next year, how would you say it?
    4. If you had some fruit, food and meat on the table how would you tell someone to put the furit in the cupboard, the food not to save, and the meat to be stored in the fridge?
    5. In telling a story, how would you say "... and the boy, they took and beat and they said to him, 'don't do this again.'"
    6. If someone came and asked you if something they wanted had been done and you hadn't done it yet, what would you say?
    7. If someone came to you and "announced" that something was going to be done against your will and you reacted against it that it wasn't to be done, what would you say?
    8. If you were asking someone if they wanted all the clothes washed how would you say it?
    9. How would you ask if they were going to kill a cow today?
    10. How would you explain that the thing you were talking about was done by some little children?
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