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Exercises For Lesson 34

  1. Work to master these contracted forms because they are commonly used.
  2. In the dialogue in Lesson 33 pick out each verb, explain its aspect and why used, tell the subject of each verb and the object if any.
  3. Take the verb [mi̲th] and conjugate it in the 3rd Aspect Habitual with the assimilated verb particle.
  4. Write out in both word orders of [la] the following sentences:
    1. It hurts all the time.
    2. He will come here all the time by himself.
    3. They always used to eat porridge.
    4. That woman always used to help her husband in their home.
    5. You (pl) always used to come here by yourselves.
    6. Those two boys keep coming here every day saying they want a tin can.
    7. They will keep on coming here because they know we have dura for them.
    8. I know that man will keep on coming to the clinic because his son told me so.
    9. They said that woman will bring milk tomorrow and will continue to bring it every day.
    10. Do you always eat fish?
    11. I think you ought to always help your mother.
  5. Translate:
    Ram ɛmɔ laa jä̲lɛ kɛɛ mu̲t. Di̲wdä̲ puɔ̲nydɛ ɛn wu̲t ɛmɔ laa dualɛ kɛ thɔ̲ɔ̲l, kɛ ɤöö cä̲ jɛ thie̲c mëëpan i̲ kɛ kui̲c ŋu̲kä̲ laa jä̲lɛ kɛɛ mu̲t. Kä̲ cɛ ɛ la̲r ɤä̲ i̲ du̲ŋdɛ dual.
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