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Exercises for Lesson 3

The following sentences are used constantly to express such ideas as "Oh, good! This is bad. This is enough. This is big. etc." You won't find corresponding words on a 1 to 1 ratio, but the idea is there. The grammar has been explained in Lesson 1.

These are adjectival verbs. These are in the singular:

Gɔaaɛ It is good. It is okay. It's all right.
Jiä̲ä̲kɛ It is bad. It's not okay. It's not all right.
Bu̲mɛ It is difficult. It's hard. (either an object or a situation)
Thia̲kɛ It is easy. It is possible. It is close by.
Di̲tɛ It is big. It is ample.
Kui̲yɛ It is small. It is not enough.
Dho̲kɛ It is fat.
Ci̲wɛ It is thin.
Bä̲rɛ It is long or tall.
Lɛ̲thɛ It is hot.
Kɔ̲cɛ It is soft or cold.
Comɛ It tastes good.  It is pleasant.
Gɔwkɛ They are good. They are all right. They are okay.

These words are all adjectival or qualitative verbs in the 3rd person singular 1st Aspect except [gɔwkɛ] which is 3rd person plural 1st Aspect. The adjectival verb occurs in all aspects.
Write the following:

  1. If someone asks you if you like what you are eating what would you say?
  2. If someone wants to know if something suits you what would you say?
  3. If someone asks if your child is big or small how would you answer?
  4. How would you say, "I don't know. It is difficult."
  5. How would you say, "No, that isn't right. It is small."
  6. How would you say, "It's okay, it's easy."
  7. How would you say, "Don't bother, they are okay."
  8. How would you say, "I'm present. I'm all right."
  9. How would you say, "It's no good. It's cold. It's bad."
  10. If someone asked you if your husband were fat or thin, what would you say?

Learn the next 5 sentences in Pre-Lesson 1.

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