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Exercises For Lesson 23

  1. Write in Nuer:
    1. We (ex) have no children.
    2. There is no water here.
    3. They have no say in this.
    4. Don't you have any money?
    5. Hasn't he any father?
    6. Doesn't he have anything?
    7. I have no fish and no meat too.
    8. I have no word about them.
    9. Is there any meat? No, there isn't any.
  2. Write in Nuer:
    1. Don't you know me?
      No, I don't know you.
      Did you see me a little while ago?
      Yes, I saw you, but I don't know you.
    2. Do your people know that man?
      I don't know.
      He's a chief, that man.
      If they know him, that's good, but if they don't know him that's not goo. (Use distinctive word order.)
    3. Where are the clinic boys?
      I don't know.
      Did you see them a little while ago?
      Yes, but I don't know where they are (their place) now.
    4. Where did Dɛŋ put mine?
      I don't know.
      It isn't here.
    5. This boy isn't eating.
      What's his trouble?
      We don't know but his body has no strength. (gua̲a̲th)
    6. Is there no canoe here? I want a canoe today.
      We don't know, maybe there's one.
      Will you ask your people for me? I don't know them very well.
    7. Did you put the meat on the fire?
      There is no meat here.
      Yes, there is.
      I didn't know it.
      It's in this dish. Here, take it.
  3. Translate into English:
    Ci̲ raan bɛ̲n thoo duëël mëëpan, go̲o̲rɛ duɔ̲ɔ̲r. Cä̲ jɛ thie̲c, Go̲o̲ri̲ ni̲ ŋu̲? Cɛ ɛ lar, Göörä̲ yio̲̩m. Ci̲ ɤä̲n ɤ thie̲c, jï̲̩n jä̲li̲ kɛ yio̲̩w? Cɛ ɛ lar, ɤëc, thïlɛ ɤä̲ yio̲̩w. Ci ɤä̲n ɤ la̲r ɤ. Mi̲ (if) thïlɛ ji̲ yio̲̩w, thïlɛ ji̲ yio̲̩m. Cɛ wä̲, ɛn wu̲t ɛmɔ.
  4. Write an explanation of the grammatical significance of each word in the story. Tell the aspect of each verb, its subject and object if any. Tell the case of each noun.
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