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Exercises For Lesson 17

  1. Copy the following composition and then translate it carefully. First write out the literal translation and then the free translation.
    Tɛ̲ kɔn diaal kɛ duɛ̲ɛ̲r. Kä̲ ci̲ Jidhɛth bɛ̲n rɛy ɤɔaa kɛ ɤöö bɛ duɛ̲ɛ̲r nath diaal lak jɔ̲ɔ̲r. Jidnɛth cɛ bɛ̲n rɛy ɤɔaa kɛ ɤöö bɛ li̲w kɛ kui̲c nɛɛni̲ diaal. Ci̲ riɛm Jidhɛth pɛ̈ɛ̈n piny kɛ kui̲c nɛɛni̲ diaal. Jidhɛth nhɔkɛ ni̲ kɔn. Go̲o̲rɛ kɔn. Cɛ tëkdɛ thöp kɛ ɤöö bi̲ naath tëk kɛ jɛ. Kä̲ Jidhɛth lo̲kɛ duɛ̲ɛ̲r. Duɛ̲ɛ̲r no̲o̲ŋɛ lia̲a̲̲. Jidhɛth lo̲kɛ lia̲a̲. Cɛ lia̲a̲ woc. Jidhɛth ɛ jɛn Kä̲ä̲n nɛɛni̲ diaal.
    Jï̲n ram ɛmɔ, ku̲ bɛ̲n kä̲ Jikhɛth tä̲ä̲mɛ.
  2. In the above composition give:
    1. the aspect of each verb and why used,
    2. the subject of each verb,
    3. the nominative case for each genitive used,
    4. list all the prepositional phrases,
    5. explain the pronouns.
  3. Write in Nuer:
    1. All the women came to the house a little while ago.
    2. We were eating a little while ago and we heard something.
    3. They helped all of us.
    4. You (pl) heard it from everybody?
    5. All of you will do it.
    6. All of the boys were sitting eating.
    7. We were sitting there and later a person came and he was sick.
    8. We (in) will wash every one.
    9. We were talking a little while ago about your father.
    10. The men were eating but I went in.
    11. We sat there waiting for the chief.
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