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Exercises For Lesson 16

  1. Write these sentences in Nuer:
    1. Come help me, my brother. This baffles me. It is too little.
    2. I have a child here and the child is sick.
    3. I saw a man yesterday. he was walking on the path. He was happy. He saw me, too, and he spoke to me.
    4. Where are those men? They came in the house a little while ago.
    5. Where is your mother? I want her right away. I called her a little while ago. I saw her on the path. She was coming here.
    6. Those things are food. Your father wants them.
    7. This is your responsibility, but that person will help you.
    8. He asked us.
    9. Did you see that cow yesterday? Whose was it?
    10. Where is the cloth? He has it.
    11. The cows are in the barn. Do you want them?
    12. The boy is in the tree.
    13. They took it to the place of that man.
    14. He took them to that woman's place.
    15. The boy went into the canoe.
  2. Translate into English:
  3. In the dialogue in Lesson 15 write out all the verbs giving their number and aspect. Also write their subjects.
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