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Exercises for Lesson 10

  1. Fill in the underlined words in Nuer with the correct form of the noun or verb. What case follows the verb [wä̲]?
    1. [Ɣä̲n cä̲ wä̲] to the house.
    2. [Gua̲a̲r bɛ wä̲] to the barn.
    3. [Maar cɛ wä̲] to the river.
    4. [Jï̲n bi̲ wä̲] to the clinic.
    5. [Ɣä̲n bä̲] stay here [Bi̲ jï̲n wä̲] to the house.
    6. [Jɛn] will come tomorrow. I will go.
    7. That man [go̲o̲rɛ] you.
  2. Write the following in Nuer:
    1. I'm here, where are you?
    2. My father is eating but my brother has gone.
    3. What is this pipe for?
    4. He came, but what does he want?
    5. I slept yesterday, but my sister helped my mother.
    6. She's coming now. Do you want her?
    7. Where is that man going?
    8. Is he coming from Malakal?
    9. This is hot. I want the cloth of this thing.
    10. He wants that man's tin can. Where is it?
    11. That man has a disease of this country.
  3. Take the following nouns and compose your own sentences putting each noun into the following positions: subject, appositive, direct object of the verb, genitive modifying another noun.
    [yaŋ], [duɛ̲l], [wu̲t], [cak], [luak], [jiath], [yiɛ̲r], [raan], [duɔ̲ɔ̲p], [ciɛ̲k].
  4. List all the nouns in the dialogues of lessons 8 and 9 and explain their cases and how they are used.
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