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This web site, which provides information about digital projects and services of the Indiana University Libraries and former IU Digital Library Program, is currently in transition. Over time, much of the content on this site will be migrated to the IU Bloomington Libraries web site.

Indiana University Libraries Digital Projects & Services

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Digital Project Planning Services

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About Digital Project Planning Services

Developing a digital project is a multifaceted process. There are many factors to consider such as content selection, needs assessment, financial planning, copyright research, digitization, metadata, encoding, technical options for storage and access, and so on. The IU Digital Library Program (DLP) can provide guidance and support in any or all of these areas. If you are planning a digital library project and would like to partner or consult with the DLP, please contact us. You can also visit our Partnership Guidelines for additional information.

Dot Porter, Associate Director for Digital Library Content and Services, (812) 855-8758

Proposing New Digital Library Collections

The Digital Library project proposal protocol is being reevaluated. If you would like to discuss proposing a new collection, please contact Dot Porter at

Project Selection Guidelines

Part of our day-to-day job at the DLP is assisting with the selection of collections for digitization. This process is governed by general guidelines that consider issues such as copyright status, significance of the collection, preservation, current and potential use, etc. We have Selection Guidelines in place to help you and us through this process; however, not all cases are represented in the guidelines. Feel free to contact us if you need additional help in this area.


The DLP collaborates with IU faculty, librarians, and departments as well as external institutions in developing grants for digital projects and other digital library initiatives. Since its inception in 1997, the DLP has contributed to over ten million dollars in grant funds received by Indiana University. We can provide grant-writing consultation on digital library projects as well as contribute to grants as partners; however we require that you come to us with sufficient time so we can help you plan and develop your grant application accordingly.

Financial Planning

Often, digital library projects require on-going financial sustainability in order to enhance, migrate and technically sustain resources over time. We can help you determine a financial plan, which include budgets, short-term and long-term forecasting, benchmarks and so on. We can also help you explore funding models beyond internal University funds or external grant funds.

Copyright Consultation

Copyright status plays a central role when planning a digital library project. We can help you understand copyright law, intellectual property issues and the doctrine of fair use. We can also help you identify works in the public domain and provide you with strategies for copyright research.

Software Development

The DLP has extensive expertise in the development and management of software systems to support storage, searching, and Web delivery of digital information. We are currently in the process of developing a technical infrastructure for digital libraries at IU based on the open source Fedora digital repository system, and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss how your project might make use of our existing system or how we might be able to help you to develop a custom solution.

Example Documentation

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