Remarks No. 2

Battles. Minor Operations : Luneville Sect. Def[ense]. Toul Sector Def. Jan 15 Apr. 3, 1918. Cantigny Def. May 8-30, 1918. Saizerais Sector Def. Aug 7-24, 1918.

Major operations. Montdidier-Noyon Def. Aisne Marne Def. St Mihiel Off[ense]. Sept 12-13, 1918. Meuse Argonne Off. Oct 1-12 1918. Army of Occupation Dec. 1, 1918. Sail for Europe, Dec 15, 1917. Landed in Liverpool England, Dec 24th 1917. Left England on Jun. 9th, 1918. Arrive in France Jun. 10th 1918. Wounded on the last drive Oct 11th 1918. My Cousin was killed in this war. Richard Blue Earth Co. A. 18th Infantry 1st Division. He was killed in action Oct 8, 1918. Meuse Argonne.

Did you remember me. You got my Photograph at Camp Merritt N.J.

Alphonse Bearghost.