Wooded structure/ stairs with fenced in cross

W7296. Battlefield scene. 1921, France or Belgium. Joseph K. Dixon, photographer.

Cited by Gen. Pershing as one of the United States one hundred most heroic soldiers during the war; his picture and an account of his heroic act appearing in the Ladies Home Journal together with the other ninety nine who were selected by General Pershing as having rendered outstanding distinguished service.

Young Sevalier swam the Meuse with a cable for a pontoon bridge; doing so in the face of heavy enemy fire, reaching the other side safely and returned with an important message from the detachment on the other side. He was wounded twice in the course of his act; his injury proving to be quite serious. It may be quite safe to say that this young Indian soldier’s record stands out as the most brilliant of any Indian boys who went across the seas to protect his native land.

Sevalier, Walter R.

Walter R. Sevalier, Chippewa.  Brule, Wisconsin. Citizen. Enlisted 1917 in Douglas County, Wisconsin.