Mahto, Ted

Ted Mahto, Assiniboine.  Fort Yates, North Dakota. Citizen. Drafted.


I spent 12 months in The Army of US. and out of the 12 I spent eleven of them in France being attached to the 2nd Army in France, in the Meuse Argonne. I say here that it was the greatest opportunity that I have ever had to study the ethic of men, contemporaneous it was to my estimation beneficiary to every man and young man whom was able to see the Statue of Liberty again.

Many of us went “over” crying our last Valedictory to all America, because of our trepidation based entirely on theoretic substances. As for myself I would not take or took ten thousand dollars for the experiences and I say that The U.S. Army a wonderfully efficient power. And that I was really given a chance to show or prove my ability is shown by my three promotions in Seven months for which I still carry two Warrants one for Sergeant one for Sergeant First Class given me by the Surgeon General U.S.A.