Keshick, Peter E.

Peter E. Keshick, Potawatomi. Harris, Michigan Citizen. Drafted.


I have enjoying the trip out to North Russia but still it was very hard getting back to god’s country which I thought would never come back and where I did get back could not believe my eyes of what I have seen I really didn’t believe that I was home in America.

I was wounded two times first on the left shoulder a flesh rifle bullet wound. Oct. 8, 1918. And second time March 9, 1919 shrapnel wound on both feet both flesh wounds and the weather was bad at all times and hardly any rest until the Third of June 1919 on the way back through the White sea full of ice bergs.

I got home at Harris Mich July 17, 1919 and didn’t even know where I was in Russia or in Michigan.  Peter E. Keshick