Crow, James H.

James H. Crow, Sioux. Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota. Ward of the government. Drafted.


I have taking some good chances why I was in Argonne Woods, and I believe that the Argonne woods is about worst front of all the others front. The Germans have machine Guns, about a few yards apart. It is impossible to hold the line, but we held our line and drove them out from their nest. Capture their guns and few hun. this was Sept. 27, 1918 the day I remember pretty well.

When I face a big tall hun, made him throw up his hand. I intended to shoot him down and scalp him, but my friends said let him go. So I let him go free. We sent them back to our lines.

I was wounded Oct 14, 1918.  So I was in hospital five month so I think I have done my part in this war, and the hardship I have been through.

There’re lots of thing to tell in my war experience, but I just couldn’t get start to tell it.