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This web site, which provides information about digital projects and services of the Indiana University Libraries and former IU Digital Library Program, is currently in transition. Over time, much of the content on this site will be migrated to the IU Bloomington Libraries web site.

Indiana University Libraries Digital Projects & Services

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Education & Outreach


There are no workshops currently scheduled.

LSTA Digitization Workshop (Dec 2004) | Academic Libraries of Indiana Workshop (Oct 2003)

Indiana LSTA Digitization Workshop, December 2004

Indiana University Digital Library Program staff coordinated 5 workshops throughout the state of Indiana in December 2004 entitled "Digital Library Project Planning and Implementation Workshops" intended to help prepare library staff for submitting grant proposals to the 2005 Indiana LSTA Digitization Mini-Grants.

Workshop Presenters:
Kristine Brancolini, Director, Indiana University Digital Library Program
Jenn Riley, Metadata Librarian, Indiana University Digital Library Program

Reference Materials: LSTA Digitization Guidelines

Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT

Handouts (PDF): Workshop outline | Suggested readings | The State of Digital Libraries in Indiana and a Vision for the Future | Indiana Digital Library | LSTA Indiana Digital Library Digitization Grants Overview and Guidelines | Metadata Guidelines for the Indiana Digital Library | Choosing a Metadata Standard for Your Digital Project | IU DLP Use of Digital Imaging Standards and Best Practices | Workshop Evaluation Form

Academic Libraries of Indiana Digital Library Workshop, October 2003

On October 2, 2003, the Digital Library Program, in conjunction with the Academic Libraries of Indiana, gave a workshop on Digital Library issues at the Indiana Archivists meeting in Bloomington.

Selection for Digital Projects
Kris Brancolini, Director
Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT

Metadata: Encoded Archival Description
Linda Cantara
Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT

Creating Digital Content: Digitization
Jenn Riley
Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT

Creating Digital Content: Text Encoding
Perry Willett
Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT

Storage and Access
Jon Dunn
Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT

Costs and Funding
Robin Crumrin
Presentation: HTML | PDF | PPT